Funk estate is the work of 3 young Wellington beer enthusiasts drawn together by our passion for a pint and a series of collaborative brews. Our aim is to please the crowds without being a typical crowd pleaser. Funk Estate makes beer, is driven by a love of beer, is planned on beer…… beer, enjoy our beer.

Shigeo: Hailing from the country of rising sun, Japan, originally, Shiggy grew up in Thailand and came to NZ to study. He developed a sense for delicious flavours while he was working in a restaurant cooking part time. Being one of the original crew at one of NZ’s best craft beer bars helped to fuel his passion for tasting and crafting fine, fine beers.

Jordan: Big J’s beer infatuation was kickstarted when he was introduced to the big wide world of beer in his early university days. After cultivating a healthy thirst, Saturday night jaunts to beer bars become a frequent thing. The following years have been spent discussing, tasting, brewing and experiencing all the tasty beers.

Dylan: This dude has been into the brews since way back, growing up in close proximity to a number of fine producers of beer in the Nelson region. He and his literal bro began brewing together when Dylan was fresh out of high school and this escalated into a sort of obsession once he had settled in Wellington to study an unrelated degree.

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